ideco gmbh - Who we are-and what we do.

We have been supplying glass for over 30 years. Mainly glass domes which are also known as glass hoods, glass cuffs, glass lintels or watch lintels. Our customers include designers, museums, artists, collectors and private individuals worldwide. Ideco also supplies custom-made glass products or glass fabrications for existing chandeliers or silver menages, for example. Glass lampshades, glass replicas, bottles and decanters are produced in the finest craftsmanship.
Together with our glassmakers in the Bavarian Forest and in Bohemia, we are able to supply glass to customer specifications.

At our site in Iphofen – Hellmitzheim , we practice glass craftsmanship using the so-called fusing or melting glass process. This results in glass items for the gift and home sector.

The ideco - glass production techniques

Hollow glass production

Glassonderanfertigung blasen

In hollow glass production, the glassmaker uses the glass pipe to remove a “glass batch” from the furnace. The viscous, liquid glass at a temperature of approx. 1200C° is blown into a mold made of metal or wood or formed freely. They are used to make vases, mugs, glasses, lamps and many other beautiful things.
Glassonderanfertigung Leuchte kobaltblau
Custom-made glass luminaires

Production of lighting fixtures for the architectural sector for designers or luminaire manufacturers.

Glasdome eckig

Production of glass domes in round, oval or square shapes for collectors, museums, watch manufacturers or private individuals

Drinking glasses and wine goblets

We blow drinking glasses and tumblers for you in high-quality craftsmanship

Custom-made glass

Replicas, replicas of glasses, goblets, bowls and much more. Also suitable for existing silver menages.

Sonderanfertigung Schale
Bowls Vases

Bowls, vases and much more. In the finest crystal glass or colored. Also with cut or engraving

Customized glass production

Lighting or objects, individual, extraordinary, beautiful.

Custom-made, reproduction of a glass carafe with silver lid

Glass custom-made replica lamps Erimitage Bayreuth

ideco glass fusing

Fusing Glas

Fusing is a modern, creative glass technique. Fusing from the English “to fuse” which simply describes a glass melting process. Different colored glass panes, glass crumbs or glass powder are fused together at approx. 800-900C°. The fusing technique became popular in America in the 1960s. There is archaeological evidence that this melting technique was already being practiced in Egypt 4000 years ago.
We also use the fusing technique as an upcycling method to create beautiful glass objects from cullet.
Glas Upcycling / Fusing Schale
Fusing Glas upcycling

We melt bowls and much more from cullet and waste glass

Gartenstecker Eisvogel
Decorative glass

The fusing technique offers almost endless potential for creating beautiful things for the home and garden.

side table

Side tables in fusing technique

Glass domes- Glass lintels- Glass hoods- Glass scoops

Glassonderanfertigung blasen

We produce crystallized glass domes for you using the finest manufacturing techniques. Our domes are used in museums and meet the highest standards. Artists, collectors, watch specialists and many more are among our customers worldwide.

oval glass domes

round glass domes

angular glass domes